The Signature Process

Enjoy a deep dive, collaborative design process to customize your home. This process allows you to come to the table with desires, but not necessarily have the solutions yet.

The Entire Process Was Delightful.

“ Our journey with Planiva was nothing short of exceptional. During their Signature Process, we collaborated closely with the team, to merge the original plans with our vision. The design phase was incredibly cooperative. They not only listened attentively to our ideas but also used his architectural expertise to bring them to life. They were determined to achieve our complete satisfaction. They’re blend of creativity and practicality was invaluable, especially as we made significant changes to the floor plan without altering the overall footprint. The response time was swift, Planiva's system was efficient and transparent, and the entire process was a delightful experience. We're thrilled with the final plans and have already started building, seeing our vision materialize! I highly recommend Planiva and their team for an outstanding design experience!”

— L. and R. Anderson, The Haven



    Our signature process includes full design collaboration with our team. Phase 1 kicks off with a discovery hour and accompanying worksheet to understand all of the ins and outs of your vision. From there, we’ll go through two rounds of design and review calls together. We work through our deep dive process to help understand your lifestyle, suggest options, and create a home that is perfect for you. We’ll help you determine what you truly need and want to customize.


    The first phase of the process delivers you an initial set of customized drawings to use for permits and planning. This allows you to get a local cost estimate and get your ducks in a row before moving into Phase 2. Please note, this set of drawings is not intended for construction and does not include a license to build the home.



    Phase 2 is all about working your customized design into a drawing set for you to use for construction. We kick off this phase with a review call to make any design tweaks that are needed after Phase 1. From there, we put our heads down and craft your unique drawing set. When we’re done, we send you all of your files, have an onboarding call for you and your contractor, and are always available via email throughout your build.


    The second phase of the process delivers your customized builder-ready drawing set containing the essential drawings for a contractor to build your new slice of paradise. We take pride in delivering a quality product, which means our drawings include a level of detail and resources that are not typically found in stock plans, but rather seen in a custom home project.


The magic and beauty of your home, from scratch to sketch.

Inquire today to get started. The Signature Process includes a customized Planning Set, customized Build Set, and full design collaboration with our Team. We’d be honored make one of our homes unique to you. The Signature Process starts at $9,500.

Undoubtedly a Great Value.

Planiva comes highly recommended! The entire process was a collaborative effort, guided by their team's innovation and expertise. They encouraged our involvement every step of the way, turning our ideas into a reality. Their enthusiasm for our concepts was genuinely motivating. The team was always available for discussions, ensuring a smooth and prompt resolution of any queries. With transparent pricing and no hidden costs, we could plan our budget effectively. Having previously experienced custom design processes, I can affirm that Planiva offers incredible value. The cost was reasonable, the process was efficient, and the outcome perfectly tailored to our needs and desires!

D. Jenkins, The Streamline Retreat

A few common questions about The Signature Process.

What can I customize?

The Signature Process is set up so that we explore your goals first, and then determine, together, what is right for you to customize. This not only allows you the freedom to explore, but it creates wide open possibilities for us to design to meet your needs.

How long does the process take?


Phase 1 typically takes 6 weeks, as outlined below.

Week 1: Discovery Call & Workshop

Week 2: Sketch Options & Review Call

Week 3: Refined Plan(s) & Review Call

Week 4-5: Drawing Set Development

Week 5-6: Phase 1 Delivery


Phase 2 typically takes 4-6 weeks, as outlined below.

Week 1: Review Call

Week 2-5: Drawing Set Production

Week 6: Delivery

Ongoing : Email Support and Onboarding Call

What's Included?


- Discovery Hour : 1-1 Session
- 2 Rounds of Design Options
- 2 Review Calls (45 minutes each)
- Initial Planning Set of Drawings, (PDF), Not For Construction


- Pre-Production Review Call
- Ready to Build Set of Architectural Drawings, (PDF)
- License to Build the Home
- Client Toolkit to Select and Coordinate Interior & Exterior Finishes
- 60 Minute Onboarding call with You and Your Contractor
- On-going email support throughout your build

What's Not Included?

Our process is very comprehensive, but it doesn’t include a few items, as described below.

Typically, the structural drawings will need to be updated based on your customized revisions. The fee to update the structural drawings is not included in this proposal. Our structural consultant is available for hire or you may use a structural engineer of your choice. Our structural team is licensed in every state, can modify the structural requirements for your land, and can stamp the drawings for local permitting, if necessary. We can assist in coordination with them. The typical fee for their updated drawings is between $1,500-$5,000.

It is always best to choose a mechanical system (heating/cooling) based on your specific location and preferences. We do not size, suggest, or design the mechanical system for you. That said, we can provide drawings for your contractor, mechanical engineer, or heating/cooling distributor to use for coordination.

We not include specific suggestions on interior/exterior finishes, fixture, or furniture selections. If this is desired, we offer a Finish Package that you can add-on to your Signature Process.

We not include 2D or 3D digital files. If this is desired, we offer a Digital File Package that you can add-on to your Signature Process.

  • Bespoke design that’s uniquely you.

    At Planiva, our mission is to remove obstacles and reduce stress in the journey of creating your dream home. Our team brings years of expertise in residential design to every detail of your home plan. We share your excitement and passion for realizing your dream.

Truly Remarkable Experience.

“Working with Planiva, we realized the sky's the limit, yet everything remained practical and achievable. The team thoroughly discussed our ideas and helped us understand what was feasible. They dedicated time and attention to each iteration, incorporating all our feedback. The process was transparent, organized, and incredibly efficient. I wholeheartedly recommend Planiva for their remarkable approach to home design.”

— S. Patel, The Homestead

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